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Fandom Survey (ie: A Complete Waste Of Your Time)

1. What fandoms do you participate in?
Only really the following right now, for lack of excess free time: My Little Pony, Fullmetal Alchemist, anime as a whole, Earthbound/Mother, various Sentai and Kamen Rider.

2. Who are your top favorite characters from each fandom? Choose one per fandom.
As of this exact moment:

My Little Pony - Firefly
Fullmetal Alchemist – Alphonse Elric
Various anime: Ushio Okazaki (Clannad), Kimba/Leo (Jungle Emperor), Reni (Sakura Taisen)
Earthbound: Lucas
Sentai: Hanto Jou (Go-onger), Natsuki (Boukenger), Gai Yuuki (Jetman)
Kamen Rider: Souji Tendo (Kabuto), Philip (W), Deneb (Den-o)

Now please choose one fandom to answer the following questions.
Fullmetal Alchemist

3. Please explain why you love your favorite character.
I moe Al in the truest sense of the word (wanting just protect and comfort him).. I just want to give the poor kid a hug and tell him it will all get better. He’s stuck in a suit of armor that could give out at any point in time. He can’t feel anything, can’t eat, can’t sleep. His two wishes: to eat apple pie again, and to sleep so he won’t be lonely all alone at night. AWWWW, seriously, poor kid.

4. What character do you like least?
Kimblee. I would rather run into just about any other person on the planet then him.

5. Do you read fan fiction for this fandom?
Yes, though it has defiantly dropped in quality over the years.

6. Do you read slash for this fandom? If so, list the slash pairings you make a point to seek out.
Yeah, that’s pretty much the bulk of the fandom. I read mostly:

Any combination of Ed, Al, and Heirderich
I will dabble in other pairings as long as the writing quality is good.

7. Are there any pairings you absolutely will not read?
Most stuff involving the homunculi, or Kimblee.

8. What about het? Do you read it? If so, are there any pairings you actively read?
Mostly just Roy/Hawkeye, whenever I see a good one.

9. Ok, so we establish that you read fanfic. There are many forms of fanfic out there, is there a type that, to you, isn't written enough?
There used to be a lot of slice of life ones, featuring the characters in mundane daily tasks, doing things like laundry. Somehow, I found these truly fascinating.

10. Is there anything surprising about the fandom?
I guess just the fact its still going after all this time, but with the new anime out, that’s not very surprising.

11. Is this your main fandom?
I’d like it to be, but I just don’t have the free time I used to to read and watch everything that I come across.

12. How long have you been a fan?
Ever since Ed put the first couple of episodes on my mom’s comp, before it was licensed. I was hooked from the first episode.

13. Are there any fanfic authors you really enjoy?
I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but I do have several fics saved somewhere on this comp.

14. Anything else to add?
Vic signed my Conqueror of Shambala OST ^_^

15. If possible, post a photo of all your crap stuff from this fandom.

I don’t’ have one, but my friends can vouch for the immense amount of FMA crap that I own. I have at *least* two dozen Als of every kind you can imagine, from pvc to poseable to bobble-head. A dozen or so Eds as well, among other characters. Cups, clothes, my Ed cosplay gear, the watch, coinbank, keychains, pins, manga, dvds with the tins and soundtracks, R2 dvd of the concert, artbooks, plushies…Its depressing. ^^;;;

Now to do something more productive!

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